Make your dreams come
true with PRO-AQUA

Thanks to PRO-AQUA, we have achieved
financial independence
and our dreams have come true.
The PRO-AQUA business is ideal for couples.

- One does the scheduling, the other the presentations.

(Quote: Kornelia Weinkötz)
A new beginning thanks to PRO-AQUA

I have been involved since March 2009;
before that I was a jobseeker. Now I am my own boss.
Simply fantastic, and the income are great, too.

(Quote: Waldemar Wintergoller)
I am very proud to be selling a ‘made in
Germany’ product
I have been an enthusiastic sales partner
with PRO-AQUA since June 2006.

And I am pleased with the great amount
of positive feedback from my customers.

(Quote: Alexander Jurk)
At PRO-AQUA selling is fun

At the beginning I went out all on my own
and made sales immediately.
It was just great.
Determining my own income with PRO-AQUA

To say ‘you’ll become a millionaire without working’
would be wrong.
But here, it’s like this:
‘if you work a lot, you’ll earn a lot; if you work a little,
you’ll earn a little’.
Building up a satisfied customer base with PRO-AQUA

I feel especially motivated by the incredible
competitions and the fantastic prizes.

(Quote: Mario Krasselt)

A warm welcome!

We are pleased that you are interested in working with PRO-AQUA International.

You have decided to change your life and are looking for an attractive additional or primary income! Direct sales offers every person regardless of age, regardless of nationality, the chance to change his life for the better. Find your dream job at PRO-AQUA! Your qualifications or final marks don’t matter at all when it comes to success in direct sales. Even if you dedicate only a small amount of time, the business model of PRO-AQUA International offers you a good secondary income, and of course also the possibility of earning attractive bonus payments through a group structure. Everyone has the same chance!

PRO-AQUA International is one of the most successful direct sales companies in the area of high quality room cleaning systems with water filters, and is active in more than 45 countries around the world.
 The quality standard was already set at the beginning that the product would only be produced in Germany and would stay away from cheap imports from outside the country. Thus we guarantee top quality choices of materials, technical perfection and functionality, contributing to extremely high ease of use. The modern design complements the overall concept visually. Our customers worldwide praise the product quality, the service and the excellent price-performance ratio.

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